The Spaces Story

The milestones
of our hotel

  • 1962 Opening of a hut near the skiing track
  • 1967 Building of a sun terrace and a secondary building, mainly serving grappa. Being on a bend along the skiing track, it soon became known as "Schnapskurve" (South Tyrol for grappa bend) and became a popular meeting point.
  • 1986 Full refurbishment, with addition of another structure with grill, to meet the expectations of the ever increasing customers.
  • 1999 Expansion with "winter garden"
  • 1999 – 2006 The expansion works continue
  • 2007 New bar and moving of the grill indoor
  • 2011 Opening of the new Restaurant & Pizzeria
  • 2017 The Hotel Spaces building works start
  • 2017/18 Opening of the hotel!

The groundbreaking at SPACES –
Foundation stone of our hotel.

Take a look how it all began ...

(Note: Video in Italian language only. But as everyone knows: a picture is worth a thousand words.)