Hotel Spaces - team

Passionately different

The hotel for those who like to stand out

We are not a standard mountain hotel or a spa. We don’t strive for tradition. For us that is not enough.
Our hotel is modern, stylish and elegant ... The perfect backdrop for your istagram selfies (Hashtag: #spaceshotel) ...
And us? We are here at your full disposal, always with a smile!

Think of us as daring and unconventional, and you will have grasped our essence.

Perfect for adventurers & active holiday makers! 

Spaces is not for everyone. But it’s perfect for strong individuals, freestylers, adventurers, active holiday makers, quirky and unconventional people like us, and all those who want to live life to the full, for those who know what they want and wish to test their limits. Any of this reminds you of yourself? If so, perfect! If not, not to worry. We also gladly welcome those who are still gearing their minds towards new experiences. Would you like to try? We are waiting for you!


Your hosts

Always there! The heart and soul of the hotel. In the dining area, in the attention to detail, to make sure that you are happy: Valeria, the owner of Spaces, is always available ... for everyone.

The constant and the mind of the hotel. His passion? Management, supervision and solving technical issues. Martin will welcome you at reception.

120 % creative energy! Evelyn's world is the pizzeria corner: wonderful typical South Tyrol pizzas, prepared with love and skills, as well as many other delicacies.

Daring & unconventional