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Aperitif, coffee or digestive drink: Drink & Chill

Does “Schnapskurve” mean anything to you? Schnaps = grappa, Kurve = bend; but what do they stand for together?

Our Hotel Spaces with bar and restaurant is on a left bend of the skiing track. Since the end of the seventies, what was at the time just a bar has been known as the “Schnapskurve", or the grappa bend. And the same still applies today, although a lot has changed since.

Chill out Aprés Ski

It's the perfect place for a revitalising "warm-up", or a break; for relaxing during the day, or to end the day on a good note.
To chill out, relax after skiing, or spend some fun times; to recall recent experiences, whilst admiring the view of Sass de Putia and the skiing tracks that liven up the view beyond the glass front.

A toast to the sunset, to the clouds bathed by the setting sun, the starry sky; to friendship, to the beauty of life and those special great moments.

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Life is too short
to drink bad wine ... 
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... and following this motto,
we select our wines with the utmost care.

That much is clear... and most of all can be tasted! Here are some wines and drinks that you can enjoy with our dishes: classic aperitifs like Aperol Spritz or Hugo, Aprés Ski Classics, sparkly wines, Franciacorta San Cristoforo & Champagne Ruinart, precious wines like Cuvée Manna or Pinot Grigio Reserve Trattmann, and again Draught or Crafted Beers, from Augustiner to the local Bozner Batzen; and a selection of whiskeys and gins.

Gin Tonic

But this is just a short list:
we have a lot more for you, and we can’t wait to show it to you in person.

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What are you waiting for?
Come to Spaces, to the "Schnapskurve"! 
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