Spaces - Restaurant & Pizzeria in St. Vigil

A boost for adventure lovers and those who long for new experiences

Our restaurant is like us … and like you! It’s elegant, modern, varied: a perfect blend of tradition and creativity. Through the glass wall you can enjoy the splendour of the Dolomites. Dining with that view here is not just a word. Authenticity always comes first. No dress code; you can be casual or sporty.
Because you`re the only one who matters, just the way you are.

Hotel Spaces
We truly spoil you: your favourite dishes made with love. 
Hotel Spaces

Your food is ready!

Choose conventional, home-made, or local dishes. You prefer a light and healthy dish, prepared with care and full of flavour. Of course, pasta is also a must in South Tyrolean cuisine, and so are tender meat dishes, just off the grill, medium or rare, this will help you regain your strength after an outdoor day.
Gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan: want or need to follow a special diet?
You enjoy food and like to try different, new things? We cater for everyone, for every taste!

Our list of ingredients relies on a colorful mix of small domestic businesses but also international suppliers. The quality is in the foreground. We truly spoil you: your favourite dishes made with love. A suggestion: don't stop to what you know and like. Thanks to the passion and imagination of our chef Angelina you can enjoy an array of flavours!

Restaurant at Kronplatz? Spaces

Raise your glasses - let's have a toast!

It's a special day, your birthday, or you have decided to take the most important step of your life. But what could be the best location for an unforgettable celebration?
Spaces is just the place. Let us take care of your party!
Call us or send us a non-binding request. We will pleasantly surprise you with our suggestions.

Celebrate here ...


Spaces restaurant